Target: to create intricate, modern, stylish and one-of-a-kind logo for trusted jewelry store "Aureli" in New York.
Jewelry is not only about shining gems but also about a unique design. For many businesses, brand identity is playing a key role, and a jewelry store is not an exemption. For this kind of business, it's extra essential to have a beautiful, appealing, and attention-grabbing product first of all. As you need to give excitement before people even open the jewelry box. That's why you need a logo that is memorable, gives an eye-catching effect and stands out. The name "Aureli" coming from the word "Aurum" which is Gold - a chemical element with the symbol "Au". Based on this we've created something unique to meet all client's requirements. From now on when people going to buy "Aureli" jewelry, they will know for sure they are buying from a trusted store that has an established and unique identity.
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